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Ivor Cummins

Detailed chat with Stephen Thomas on the optimum diet to reverse diabetes, autoimmune and many other conditions - he's achieving stunning success with his clients - you can too...! Find Stephen here​ and at his more technically detailed site here:

Bart Kay- Nutrition Science Watchdog

Live Q & A with Stephen Thomas (Meat Rx Coach)

Steak & Butter Girl

Coach Stephen Thomas is a specialist in Diabetes, Obesity, Physical Training, Pain Management, Postural Analysis, and Phlebotomy. He joins me today to share his steps to reverse Insulin Resistance and how to exercise for maximum results and fat loss.

My Life In 60 Mins

In this episode, Stephen (age 56) debunks and dispels many popular myths about nutrition, fitness, and aging.

Before going carnivore, Stephen was eating low carb, which was a big improvement on the high carb diet he had been eating his entire life. Still, on low carb, results were not as good as he wanted. While eating high carb, low fat, Stephen was a semi-professional soccer player, won a singles tennis tournament, and run most middle distance races, but he wasn’t healthy, had frequent colds, and had athlete’s foot among other issues, and he wasn’t at his optimal weight.

As Stephen lowered carbs, he moved toward being a thinner, fitter athlete, but he is much healthier on a carnivore diet. On carnivore, his body fat percentage dropped and his muscle mass increased; his pre-diabetes athlete’s foot, and facial skin rash are gone; and he has more energy and is stronger than he’s ever been. Stephen has zero lower back pain when he had been told at age 23 that he’d be in a wheelchair by age 50!

Optimal health

Very in-depth talk with Dr Paul Mason

Beginners Guide Dr Berry

Thousands of people, and many previous cultures, have used a Carnivore Diet to improve their health. This longer video lists everything you need to know about a Carnivore Diet to get started right and enjoy the greatest success.

Evidence Based Nutrition

Dr. Shawn Baker completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas in Austin. He graduated with honours from Texas Tech Medical School and completed his Internship and Orthopedic Surgery Residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

Type 2 Diabetes

Dr Fung Reverse T2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed naturally, without medications. It is a curable disease, but as a dietary disease, it demands a dietary treatment. The principles are outlined here.

Dr Berry Reversed Pre-Diabetes

Fun Fact: I used to have prediabetes! I used the simple and easy principles I talk about in this video to reverse my prediabetes, and you can do it too! These simple steps work for anyone who has prediabetes.

My Own Success Story

I was getting chubby, I was on my way to diabetes. This is my story.

There are thousands like me here

Fibre (or Fiber if you're in the United States)

Dr Paul Mason on Fibre

Dr Paul Mason obtained his medical degree with honours from the University of Sydney, and also holds degrees in Physiotherapy and Occupational Health. He is a Specialist Sports Medicine and Exercise Physician.

Dr Zoe Harcombe on Fibre

Zoë Harcombe was the first pupil from her school to graduate from Cambridge University. While studying maths and economics at this historic institution, Zoë set out to answer the million dollar question - "Why do you overeat? When all you want is to be slim?" This became the title of Zoë's first book - published in 2004.

The Great Fiber Myth

Fiber has been propped up as one of the pillars of health for about 60 years.

If you came here from the Newsletter from you may have noticed we left out the fiber studies. Here's the meta-analysis

and here's the one on stopping or reducing fiber intake reduces constipation

What's the story here? Is it healthy, neutral, or even harmful?

Carb Addiction, Cholesterol and Fasting

Carb Addiction Dr Cywes

Diets fail because an alcoholic drinking less is still drinking. Understand why you gained weight or became diabetic and why calories and portions are irrelevant metrics in weight loss.

Dr Gabrielle Lyon Cholesterol

In this video, we discuss:

- The issues with some scientific studies.

- Dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol.

- How the cholesterol you eat doesn't translate to your blood cholesterol.

- You only absorb 50% of what you eat, and the more cholesterol you eat, the less you naturally produce.

- How short-term changes in cholesterol is possible, but your cholesterol has a set point in terms of long-term changes.

- The effect of insulin on cholesterol.

- Why carbohydrates may be a problem.

Nutrition with Judy

One of the most FAQ I get is "Judy, what do you eat in a day?" I have over 100 examples in my Instagram highlight/stories on my profile page. (Link below). I talk through:

PS. I threw on the shirt to support Carnivore75Hard. 😂 I probably should have ironed. 🤦🏻‍♀️

In this video, I talk briefly about:

1. If we should count macros

2. If we should count fat to protein ratios

3. My IG highlight reel

4. Fasting tendencies

5. My take on OMAD (one meal a day)

6. How much I eat in a day

7. Examples of what I eat