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Welcome to my page about eating without carbs.

People often ask 'what do you eat?'

I am always happy to answer but finally I thought

"why not dedicate a website to it!'

So here it is.

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Steak Stack

Pan fried steak simply stacked with a blob of grass-fed butter on top.

Salmon & Scallops

This way of eating is not just steak. Many people include plenty of seafood. I was allergic to all seafood until I swapped to low carb and saw my allergies clear up.


I do not always eat early, in fact I RARELY eat before midday but some days I really do want to break my fast in the early morning sunrise. Sausage patties, bacon and creamy scrambled eggs. Very tasty.

Salmon and Creamy Sauce

Pancetta and Eggs

Steak and Brie

A little aside about cooking styles and methods. We use either butter or beef tallow.

Cook with butter or tallow

Butter or tallow is preferred as it can be used at high temperatures

Pan fry lamb

Simple, a few minutes with tallow

Pan Fried Lamb

Very tasty, crunchy and filling


Detailed chat with Stephen Thomas on the optimum diet to reverse diabetes, autoimmune and many other conditions - he's achieving stunning success with his clients - you can too...! Find Stephen here​ and at his more technically detailed site here:

What's Better Than 1 Ribeye? Two Ribeyes!

Ground Beef and Cheese

Salmon and Eggs

Bart Kay

A brief chat with Bart Kay, the self-proclaimed nutrition science watchdog!

Surf and Turf

A simple Scotch Egg

Ground Beef, Steak and Halloumi

Scallops, Prawns and Salmon

I enjoy fish. I was allergic to all seafood until I started on my low carb journey. Now I am only allergic to cod.

Rolled Meat Roasted

Most meats you can get rolled by a butcher. Roasting is a fabulous way to cook it.

More Rolled Variations

Adding cheese and bacon makes for a filing and healthy meal.

No Egg Breakfast Stack

Steak and Tallow

Chicken and Bacon Stew

No Egg Breakfast

Chicken Bacon and Cheese

Butter-salted Coffee

Cold Ham and Tinned Salmon 'Snack'

Roast Beef With Gravy From Juices

Beef Stripes Pan Fried

Boiled egg with sausage soldiers!

Short ribs

Keto fat Bombs

Roasted Chicken

Egg, bacon and steak

Lamb Steaks

Schnitzel with cheese

Stewing Steak and Burger

My Morning Routine In Pictures

Delivery From Milk and More

Cream, Full-Fat Milk and Local Halloumi Cheese

My Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamin D in winter (I am in the UK) Plus I enjoy a freshly squeezed lemon into local Buxton mineral water

Stem Enhance

This supplement constitutes a good source of micronutrients: • 20 amino acids, characterized by an ideal profile that matches the recommended daily intakes of the 10 essential amino acids • 60 minerals and trace elements, rich in calcium (6mg/g) and in iron (0.32mg/g) • 14 vitamins, particularly vitamins B1, B2, B12.

You can buy it direct here

Experiments and Experience

Experiments and Bio-Hacking

One of my roles is as a qualified Phlebotomist. Taking bloods and going through labs has helped me track my health journey.

I recently tried an experiment where I stopped working out and also added carbs back in to my diet for just 6 weeks.

Then I went back to eating properly and trained for 10 minutes a day.

Muscle Mass Up

As you can see from the start of the graph my experiment meant I lost muscle mass. The low point is the end of the 6 weeks with carbs. So even though I was eating carbs again this did not stop the loss of muscle. I was also not training but I wanted to do this as I'd already experimented with just adding carbs in earlier in 2020.

(To recap. Earlier in the year I saw the same type of muscle loss and a really pronounced increase in body fat when I only added carbs back in but still trained. )

So this experiment showed that after six weeks of carbs and no training I lost muscle and gained fat.

Then , I stopped the carbs and I added back just 10 minutes a day of working out.

As you can see there was a huge initial leap in muscle mass followed by steady gains. Basically getting great results in lowering body fat and gaining muscle.

I am 57 years old this year so age should not hamper you.

Body Fat Down

While gaining muscle I also saw dramatic body fat loss. According to mainstream thinking this is not possible. Allegedly you can only lose fat with a 'calorie deficit' and you can only gain muscle with a calorie surplus.

SO I did both at the same time. I must have been in deficit and surplus simultaneously. Maybe nutrient quality and the effect on hormones in the body play the role? Seems likely to me.

I did not find the mainstream myth to be true.

Also note I ate plenty of fat and did not consume many carbs to improve body composition..

My blood lab work continues to improve too.

My Story

In this episode, Stephen (age 56) debunks and dispels many popular myths about nutrition, fitness, and aging.

Before going carnivore, Stephen was eating low carb, which was a big improvement on the high carb diet he had been eating his entire life. Still, on low carb, results were not as good as he wanted. While eating high carb, low fat, Stephen was a semi-professional soccer player, won a singles tennis tournament, and run most middle distance races, but he wasn’t healthy, had frequent colds, and had athlete’s foot among other issues, and he wasn’t at his optimal weight.

As Stephen lowered carbs, he moved toward being a thinner, fitter athlete, but he is much healthier on a carnivore diet. On carnivore, his body fat percentage dropped and his muscle mass increased; his pre-diabetes athlete’s foot, and facial skin rash are gone; and he has more energy and is stronger than he’s ever been. Stephen has zero lower back pain when he had been told at age 23 that he’d be in a wheelchair by age 50!

Morning Coffee?

Most times I have coffee with butter and salt but sometimes I will have it with cream

Blood Glucose

The one cup of coffee does raise my blood glucose. I was pre-diabetic at age 50 and now at 56 I am controlling blood glucose easily.

Bone Mass Up

Even at age 56 I am seeing bone mass and density improve


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My name is Stephen and I have been carnivore since early 2019, when I turned 55. Before that I had been eating low carb but the results where not as good as I wanted. Low carb was a big improvement on the high carb diet I had been eating all my life before. I have been a semi-professional soccer player, won a singles tennis tournament and ran most middle distance races but wasn’t healthy, had frequent colds, athletes foot and other issues, plus I wasn’t the right weight.

Now I am a certified carnivore coach at I hope I can help people achieve the same results as I have. More strength, healthier, no colds for 5 years now and all issues completely gone. I am a qualified diabetes and obesity specialist practitioner in the UK as well as a Level 4 Personal Trainer. So I have a broad set of skills. I’m currently finishing a science degree in Sport, health and coaching.

The video below is a recent interview with MeatRx talking about my journey from a high-carb, low-fat athlete that got tubbier and sicker to a thinner, fitter sportsperson on a carnivore diet.

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